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Our Management


Member RITBA, Member KTBA,
Member SMAP Network, Member RCCI
Member Legal Network SMEDA
Cell: 0323 5128026

His experience and expertise, dynamism in the field of Banking and Taxation, Accounting and Financial services at very young age have brought him in to the forefront and realm of well established professionals who have spent their entire life time in earning and carving their name in the respective fields. He is a living icon in the field of finance, taxation and corporate services. He is very well respected both at home and abroad. His education and experience has polished his skills and prepared him to make substantive and significant contribution to this organization.


B. Sc, D. I. A, (Gold Medalist)
L. L. B. (FEL), ACIT (Retd.)

A person of unblemished, high expertise and specialization in all field of tax management covering diversified field ranging from tax assessments to appellate forum up to level of Supreme Court of Pakistan. A roaming lexical of tax law in his own self. He brings to his credit more than thirty years of experience in the field of taxation and is a fine, respectable conversationalist.

Sajid Mehmood

MBA (Finance)

He has a vast experience spanning a period of over Eight years in the field of accountancy and taxation .He is fully capable of comprehending, evaluation of all types of Accounts related to various classes of business, Industrial accountancy, business accountancy, trading and manufacturing sectors of our taxpayers community. His expertise is matchless and his hard work and passion for devotion to his profession is insurmountable and knows no boundaries and horizons.

Muhammad Asim Abbasi

MBA (Finance)

After doing his MBA in Finance, he joined IESCO and rose to the Managerial position in his organization. He joined our firm as a Clients Visiting Advisor, Data assimilation and collection and now commands a great level of honor for us by virtue of his sheer dedication, professionalism, competency, and hard working sincere attitude and truthfulness in his assignments.

Muhammad Ali Khan Tareen

Advocate High Court

He brings with him a diversified experience in the field of Civil, Criminal, Law and its application in day to ay affairs of various Courts of Law throughout Pakistan and by virtue of his expertise commands a high level of respect in the lawyer community at all forums. He has also been serving with our Firm as a lawyer since the last four years and has been a great source of inspiration to us in taking the name of our firm to a high pedestal. His services have been duly acknowledged with great respect by various benches of the taxation and corporate side.