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Our  Consultancy Firm has an excellent working relationship with various government agencies with whom we have to come across on daily basis for getting various issues settled  on behalf of our worthy and respectable clients. These are:-


SECPThis is the highest Legislative, appellate and  executive body regulating the entire Corporate sector. Its  functions include the registration of Limited Companies both Public  and Private, issuance of Licenses and Incorporation Certificates, maintenance  of records of companies, regular audited reports verification, change of name and style of companies and all other matters related to and incidental with and connected thereon regarding the Corporate Sector. It is controlled by the Ministry of Finance and is headed by a Chairman  who is appointed by the Government of Pakistan. It also imposes various penalties for any violation of the Companies Ordinance 1984 and is prima facie responsible for monitoring the affairs of the Companies  to ensure that there is no mismanagement at any level. Complaints of the general public against the enlisted companies are also heard by the various officers working in the SECP.


FBRIt is the largest tax collecting agency in the Government .Its status has been elevated to that of a full fledged independent Revenue Division and has been converted of late into Inland Revenue Services on the same patterns as the Inland Revenue Service the IRS prevalent in USA. It has vast powers of making rules, regulations for collection of Income tax, Sales tax, VAT,Federal Excise Duty and Customs Duty. filing of tax returns by electronic mails ,issuance of tax directives for implementation by the field formations, issuance of SROs, Notifications on tax matters listening to hardship cases of tax payers and to provide facilitation to all classes of taxpayers without discrimination what so ever. It is assigned the job of tax collection by the Ministry of Finance and the targets are communicated to all the subordinate offices for implementation and timely compliance.


FBRWith the increased load of work and to streamline the smooth functioning and to ensure transparency it has evolved system of electronic filing of all necessary form, statements, returns,  by introducing the system of e-filing as called in local parlance. This has lessened the burden on the tax payer and he can easily avail of the website of the FBR to enable him to disseminate the data directly to the FBR or its subordinate concerned offices without having to be bothered of personal visits and waiting for long ques. E-filing is not confined to Income tax, it has been expanded to include Sales tax, Federal excise and other departments as well. Even complete details of accounts of limited companies have been facilitated to avail of the system of e-filing and this way FBR has come a long away from where is was in 1924.


IPOThe term Intellectual Property is not a  new idea to Pakistan. It has been in vogue since its inception about 60 years ago. Only with the passage of time it has gained significance in its propagation and usage. All types of works of arts, original scriptures, works of printing books, ideas, inventions, etc are covered under this head. To prevent infringement of the right of any person. We have at our disposal a sufficient number of Legal Advisers who work on this field for getting the legitimate rights of the aggrieved party to their original position through Courts of Law or any other legal mode as the case warrants.